Animal Enclosures & Aviaries

Over the past 30 years, the Huck group have provided Zoos and wildlife parks with their expert knowledge in both steel and textile netting.

Designing an enclosure or aviary is a challenging project and Huck Tek the technical and installation team in the Huck group have vast experience in this field.

After consultation with the zoo and carefully listening to their requirements, we are able to use our product knowledge and expertise to see a project from conception and design through to completion; from the installation of foundations, erection of mast supports, steel cable rigging and finally netting. We offer a one-stop professional service that eliminates the need to deal with several bodies.

We offer a vast array of quality products that are tailed to any given application; designing for suitability, longevity, and aesthetics allows us to provide satisfaction to the client and above all the general public.

Our specialists pride themselves on their professional approach when creating a bespoke enclosure or aviary and their dedication to detail ensures we offer exactly what the client wants.

Polymer Netting

(Polyethylene & Polypropylene) 

Polymer netting is commonly utilised for area demarcation keeping harmless animals such as Lemurs and Monkeys within a specific area without providing a threatening barrier to their location.

Various types of net are available including special wire core types for netting in aviaries where birds could potentially bite through normal polymer strands.

Polymer Netting


Huck Xtor Netting

(Stainless Steel or Galvanised.)

Steel ‘X-Tor’ netting from the Huck Torimex range provides a diamond pattern mesh with crimped ferrule joints.

This is used extensively for containment of larger animals, but development in new manufacturing techniques using smaller gauge cables has allowed us to produce a range of finer weave nets that are particularly suitable for many bird applications and aviaries. The material is flexible and robust making it ideal for contoured and irregular shaped apertures and spaces.

Xtor Netting


Huck Dralo Netting

(Stainless Steel & Galvanized)

‘Huck Dralo’ netting is formed from conventional multistrand cables with closed slug joints at each cable crossover point locking the cables into a preformed grid.

This type of netting material provides a high strength solution for containment of larger and predatory animals.

Dralo Netting


Polywire Netting

(Stainless Reinforced Polymer Netting) 


Polywire Netting


Woven Netting

(Stainless Steel or Galvanised.)

Woven Netting



Stainless Steel Polymer Reinforced Netting

Knit-mesh Netting


Dyneema® Netting

Dyneema® is the world's strongest fibre.

Dyneema® is a UHMwPE with engineering performance in abrasion, bending fatigue, compression and creep fatigue. When manufactured as a net it produces a fabric that is lightweight, strong, flexible and durable.

Dyneema® Netting


Tension Cable Enclosures

An arrangement of stainless steel or galvanised wire cables to form a curtain barrier with good visual properties.

The cables are attached to the top and bottom of the enclosure and tensioned with a threaded end connection. This type of enclosure can be used to produce curved or sloping forms to maximise the space and viewing arrangements.

Tension Cable Systems