Anti Litter Fencing

Where fencing is required to be over 3-4m high there are no existing standards in the BS1722 range. Litter Fencing above these heights tends to be based on bespoke manufacture to consultants or Huck Tek proposals.

Huck Tek is able to advise customers on solutions and to provide structural engineer backed design calculations if required.

Steel Post Fencing 

Steel Post Fencing to BS1722 standards or specialist fencing for higher containment systems are always possible. Huck Tek offer bespoke systems which are not available “off the shelf” from fencing specialists, so we can provide netted fencing which provides cover above and beyond the limits of traditional boundary fencing systems.

If your existing fence line needs netting or the net catchments height is no longer sufficient for your needs, Huck Tek are pleased to discuss the potential options with you.

Steel Anti-Litter Fencing
Steel Anti-Litter Fencing


Telegraph Pole Fencing

For higher fences 6–8m above ground, the telegraph pole option is frequently cost-effective since poles are available both new and second hand. The poles are obviously made

from natural material so both load capacity and quality vary considerably. Pole sizes are selected to suit the fence height and potential loading requirements for each particular site

location. Dependant on location and ground conditions posts can be set into concrete to provide additional ground support, but this is not a recommended long-term solution as the timber and concrete can react and affect the poles integrity. netting is attached directly to steel cabling secured directly onto the timber.

Telegraph Pole Anti-Litter Fence


Heavy Duty Tripod Fencing (HDTF)

The heavy duty relocatable fencing system designed for 5-7m height range. This system is based on the original Huck tripod support providing an adjustable front mast leg and fixed articulating backstay tubes, used typically around the perimeter of landfill sites or on the landfill to form temporary netted litter enclosures. The three legs are bolted to a base frame during erection and additional stability is provided by placing concrete kentledge blocks or fines filled IBC bags onto the base frame. A fixed cable guy provides support to the end tripods with the intermediate supports retained by a tensioned cable system, the netting is directly attached to the cable grid. HDTF may be dismantled and moved to new locations as the site requirements change.

Heavy Duty Tripod Anti-Litter Netting System


Portable Litter Containment Barrier

Free Standing Litter Barrier (FSLB)

“First Stop” containment is sometimes needed close to the tipping point on large open sites to prevent light litter or papers being rapidly blown out of reach before cover can be applied. Huck Tek has a range of designed containment barriers based upon the popular rigid “goal net” principle. These barriers are designed to be picked up and moved to suitable locations by site vehicles as tipping progresses. Polypropylene netting or sturdy rigid steel mesh coverings are available.

Portable Litter Containment Barrier
Portable Litter Containment Barrier


Light Duty Tripod Fencing (LDTF)

Light readily portable tubular fencing formed into a single bolt tripod so that it stands in a tee-pee manner with light litter netting hung on to the longest leg. Ground stakes are provided and additional cable guying with stakes are available. Again the fencing is designed to blow over in excessive winds and is suitable for light duty on long runs of catchments or as local cover adjacent to a tipping or sorting area which requires frequent movement about the site.

Light Duty Tripod Anti-Litter Netting System


Post & Socket Systems

Light Post and Socket fences can be provided from a range of standards up to 4m high. These systems are designed to be supported within a ground socket either earth driven or cast

in concrete to facilitate removal, replacement or relocation, designed to lean or bend under excessive wind load yet allow for easy replacement if required.

post and socket anti litter fencing
Post and socket anti-litter fencing netting sytem